Does This Top Make Me Look Fat?

March 1, 2018

Does this top make me look fat?

Yes. Yes it does. You know why? Cause l am fat.

If you are fat before you put that top on, you will still be fat when you wear clothes. If you are not fat naked, then you aren’t fat clothed.

Yes… I know that’s not what you mean. What you mean is:
Does this top make me look bigger than I am?

Then please say that.

So does this top make me look bigger than I am?

Yes. Yes it does. And I still wear it… often. I love this top, not because it makes me look bigger, not despite it making me look bigger but regardless of whether it makes me bigger or not.

Have you noticed whenever someone asks if an item of clothing looks nice, they are actually asking about how their body looks in terms of size?

When someone tells me that a top is flattering, what it is starting to sound like is “you don’t look as big as you are”. When someone tells me that a dress accentuates my curves, it’s starting to sound like “it shows off your boobs and bum, where you are allowed to have your fat, but keeps your stomach/arms/thighs hidden”. You know what my solution is? Don’t ask people’s opinions about what you are wearing. My opinion is most important anyway. 💁🏻‍♀️ (I told you I’m bringing the fire this year, and by the looks of it, it’s here to stay 🔥). Anyway, back to clothes. If I like it, it’s staying. End of. My clothes aren’t up for debate anymore. #ScarredNotScared