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Self Care And Social Media

April 21, 2018

Just came off a panel for @hbloggerscom about Instagram + Self Love and I need to share something that I said on there!


It’s not just baths, masks + getting massages/manicures. The only reason these are shown is cause they are pretty. They are … instagrammable.

Self care actually doesn’t require any money.
Self care doesn’t require privilege.

So no pretty picture of these things but here are the self care things I have done:
– Turning my phone off once a week. If I can’t do it for a full 24 hours, I will do it for 3-4 hours a couple of times a week.
This helps me be more present and quieten my mind. When I’m particularly stressed, I turn it off for 72 hours and have done a whole week before. Everyone who needs an urgent email can wait
– Setting boundaries with people. This can be simply saying “you will not talk to me that way or I will (enter a consequence, that I actually follow through on)” to actually cutting all contact
– Face my finances. This includes opening my bills straight away (not a month later) AND actually checking my account
– Banning myself from stalking people who are no longer in my life. We all do it. But what is the purpose? You know it results in pain and self-torment. I stop myself by reminding myself that this is self-harm, but of the emotional variety
– Paint/Boxing/Gym/Walk – these are the ways I get negative energy that is trapped in my body. I’ve broken a paintbrush or two because I’ve got too into it 🙈
– Scheduling duvet days when I get busy. I won’t lie, this one was only because my life coach @michellezelli forced me to. I was kinda doing them, writing them in the diary and then scheduling things over them and claiming it was still a duvet day cause I had a morning free. No! Duvet days have to last a day apparently 😂 especially if you work weekends like I do, schedule a day off!

Thanks @fabgiovanetti for having me and loved speaking alongside @kittyunderhillx@sarahmalcs @english_ems 🔥