The Underneath We Are Women Shoot

May 5, 2018

Had the best day at the Underneath We Are Women photoshoot meeting such incredible women and kindred spirits!

I’ve bonded with so many humans with such similar experiences of illness, surgery and recovery… and scars. Growing up, I’d never imagine being surrounded by so many similar women because I genuinely believed I was alone. I saw the kids next to me in the hospital bed but everyone else seemed stronger, braver, happier and that just made me feel more isolated.

There is so much power in being seen.
There is so much power in being heard.

This is the wonderful @beautythroughthebeast and just one of the many many incredible humans.

Want to know the story behind this photo?

Kenzie and I were taking a photo.
@beautythroughthebeast was walking past so we yelled for her to join us. Then @bellenge was walking past so we shouted for her to get in too.
Someone said “let’s fake laugh” so we did but @kenziebrenna ‘s laugh was so bloody weird we actually started laughing… and ta da, result was this photo!

New vlog up on my YouTube of the whole day: