American Plus Size Haul

May 9, 2018

One of the main things I was looking forward to in New York was the shopping! The last time I went to America 3 years ago, I found so many beautiful things and the plus size options in the US are so much prettier than England! In fact, I STILL wear a lot of the things I bought 3 years ago.

So when I arrived and went from shop to shop where there was no plus size, I found myself getting grumpier and grumpier. It would be easy to take all that annoyance out on my body but it wasn’t my body that was the problem. In fact, it wasn’t even the stores that were the cause of my bad mood. The problem was my expectation. The reason I can shop in London without being in a bad mood is because I know the selection is always shit and I know where to go to get the best options… in America though, I had expected wayyyy more. That negative feeling was simply due to my unmet expectation and thankfully I have the foresight to not internalise it. I admitted defeat and just decided to not shop anymore.

But of course, sod’s law. as soon as you decide it’s not needed, you find something and on the last day, I found an entire floor of plus size in @macys .They are some of the most beautiful things I have ever bought! Shockingly they are brands that I never knew did plus size like @michaelkors @tommyhilfiger and @calvinklein and when I checked today, I realised why… they don’t stock them on their website. It’s literally only in the plus size section of Macy’s. It’s sad that they make it so hard to find their OWN beautiful clothes. It’s sad that they won’t put their plus clothes AND plus women on their site to be represented. I’m grateful for the products, but I’ve never heard of a brand keeping their own products so secret and I can’t help but attribute it to fatphobia. If they can make these clothes for @macys , why aren’t they making these sizes for their own website AND actually in THEIR stores? I’m not sure the reasons behind it but it’s certainly confuse me. Americans, enlighten me in the comments!
Check out my new YouTube video to see a haul of all my goodies.