My First Event With Kenzie Brenna

May 13, 2018

I  don’t even know where to begin when it comes to our event on Wednesday.

I have been struggling to even process it because it felt like a dream at the time but today I scheduled an hour to sit down and reflect so thought I would share.

I’ve been working on an event for over 2 years and every time it never happened because I hit a roadblock or lost confidence that I could actually sell tickets so now that it’s over, I feel a combination of relieved and proud. I cried that night because I’ve never felt more of a sense of community that night. The honest, open and raw conversation we all had either on the stage with Kenzie or after with all of you, are rare conversations and I’m so thrilled that spaces are now being created in order to move this community offline.

I am forever grateful for ALL of your support. As those of you who were there will know, I experience a little anxiety at the beginning of the talk. It took me off guard cause it hasn’t happened in the last 3 talks I’ve done, but your kindness and compassion after was so heartwarming and the fact that the night was about anxiety, made it feel apt. Thank you for holding space for me in a vulnerable moment.

And finally, a massive thank you to this little bean @kenziebrenna ! Thanks for being a wonderful cohost and most importantly, a brilliant friend. Kenzie and I have spoken every week online for the last 2 years but New York was the first time we met! To go from meeting to spending 2 weeks together everyday has been incredible! I’m bonded with this woman for life, she’s such a special gem and I’m going to miss you so much Kenzie! She’s leaving tonight on the rest of her adventures and I’m so excited for her.
My heart is filled with SO MUCH LOVE.

Beyond grateful for such a fire community 🔥 #ScarredNotScared