The Love Disfigure Shoot

May 17, 2018

Being a part of the @LoveDisfigure shoot was more special than I can express.‬ ‪I found my people.‬
‪Coincidentally, they are all scarred.‬
‪Ok maybe it wasn’t a coincidence… 😂

In all seriousness though, I can’t tell you how powerful it is to be in a room of common experiences and the shared love between us all!

This is diversity at its finest and I think it’s actually more beautiful that not every single person’s scars are visible in this group shot because we are not our scars.
They exist on our body even if they are not seen.
We have still lived through the event that created the scar, even if you don’t know that upon meeting us.

These images are going to be put up in swim centres across England… how bloody powerful is that?! #LoveDisfigure #ScarredNotScared