I’m Out Of My Funk!

June 1, 2018

This is the face of a woman who’s just got herself out of a funk!

Despite so many wonderful book things happening, it’s been a dark few months. Everytime I seemed to get back on my feet, I got knocked down again, BUT when this happens now, I know there is an end to it.

Before, I would question, what was wrong with me or whether I was normal. If I went to a psychologist, they would want to stick some label on me to justify and validate the emotions I am feeling. Then I would surround myself with people who only made me feel worse and confirmed all my negative beliefs about myself.

Now, I deal with bad patches entirely differently. I don’t even like calling them bad periods. In every stage of life, there is bad and there is good. The joy I have felt around my book has been real and legitimate – there was still good, but it doesn’t diminish the bad. I don’t question whether I’m normal, because who gives a shit about normal. I don’t ask what’s wrong with me, because something doesn’t need to be wrong to have “negative emotions”. I don’t look to others for distraction, because I am OK with my own company. I don’t look to others to validate or justify my emotions, because I know longer need a reason to feel something.

As humans, we can often be too reductionist. We want life to be simple and so in that effort, we try to force it to be so. Life doesn’t work that way. 🔥#ScarredNotScared