Fat Girls Shouldn’t Tuck Tops In

June 3, 2018

I can’t be the only person who’s been told this message?
Loose and baggy is apparently the goal when you are fat.
I actually like loose and baggy. It means it doesn’t pull and tug on my scars but it doesn’t mean I want to be limited to that.
Can we all just remember that what someone thinks about what we wear is NOT an absolute fact? It’s opinion. And that’s it.
Fashion is meant to be fun.
Fashion is there to explore and experiment with but I never have.
There’s not much room to explore when fashion choices for fat women are already so limited.
But when I can, I’m gonna push the boundaries.
So I’ve said yes to tucking tops in.
I said yes to trying culottes for the first time.
I said yes to an outfit that didn’t make me 100% comfortable. And guess what? I didn’t die. And within an hour of leaving the house, I had forgotten about what I was wearing.
Clothes are meant to be worn, not thought about so if you’ve got a belt sticking into your stomach or top that you are having to keep pulling down, then it’s not worth it.
Clothes shouldn’t be distracting you from your life.
What you are wearing shouldn’t be taking up precious brain space. That brain’s got better things to do 🔥#ScarredNotScared

PS how incredible is London?! 😍