You Can Have Two Contradictory Emotions

June 5, 2018

We often get this frustration when we get an emotion that doesn’t “make sense”.
– Why am I angry instead of sad when someone passes away?
– Why am I feeling fear on the exact same walk I’ve done everyday for the last year?
– Why do I feel sad and happy at the same time?

In reality, emotions can’t contradict each other because they don’t exist on a scale. Happy is not the opposite to sad.
Everytime we label one as bad and one as good, we limit ourselves. All emotions are valid, all emotions deserve to be felt.

So how do you process an emotion? You feel it. Stop creating stories around why you feel the way you do. You don’t need to know why. Find where the emotion is sitting in your body and feel it. You will have hit the right spot when the feeling gets more intense. Focus in on that. Breathe through it. Take a break if it becomes too much. Make this a habit. Don’t judge your emotion and instead, let it surface.
ALSO MY FIRE IS BACK HUN 🔥 and yes, I know you cared… 😉