Am I Trying To Prove Something?

June 7, 2018

Do I not wear makeup to prove a point?
Do I purposely wear a bikini to show people how OK I am with my scars?
Do I flaunt my fat as a way of proving people wrong?
No. Trust me when I say, no.
I have been asked variants of these questions over the last few years and I don’t know how else to say it, but believe me when I say no.
I have no need to prove anything because I am ACTUALLY secure in what I look like and who I am.
When I say I don’t have days when I hate my body, I mean it, I don’t.
When I say that I don’t have insecure days, I mean it, I don’t. Do I have insecure thoughts? Sure. I can’t control my thoughts but do they consume more than the second it took to create that thought? No because it took just as long to vanish.

I understand why I am asked these questions over and over. It’s down to the disbelief. The disbelief is so strong that I’ve had a number of people in real life say to me that the only reason I talk about my body so much is because I’m overcompensating. Fine, believe that but then you aren’t listening to my words when I say NO.

People genuinely can’t believe that going from a diet obsessed teenager who hated her body and her scars to an adult who loves herself fully and unconditionally is real. But it is. And this point was most emphasised when I had a friend staying with me recently and she actually said one day “oh so you are like ACTUALLY body confident?”. Yes, I’m here saying I’m actually body confident.
And I want to write this post to say it IS possible. This isn’t said to intimidate or make you jealous, but instead to give you hope.
I want to give you a glimmer into your future because it WILL be your future. I’m adamant of it. And until you fight for that future yourself, I’ll be fighting for your future for you 💪🏽🔥 #ScarredNotScared

Photo from @behindthescars_ series by @sophiemayanne