Tough Love Alert: Body Positive Version

July 1, 2018

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Ok… so I’m done with all the “easier said than done” comments on my page. Yes! Well done! Everything is easier said than done. And your point is?
Want self love? Work for it.
Want body confidence? Work for it.
Do you think it just landed in our laps?
We worked for it too.
We went through the fucking hard shit.
We processed our pain.
We sobbed and let all the emotion out.
There is no other way to get to the end other than to go through it.
I don’t know where this entitlement comes from, but the world doesn’t owe you anything.
The world might have dealt you a shitty hand but newsflash, you aren’t getting new cards anytime soon.
Then there’s the other kind of comment… but how?! You are kidding me right? There are 200 videos on my YouTube channel giving you precise ways as to how. I write a column also telling you how. I have a TedX talk that gives you my journey and the first step to take. I have a post every single day on this page full of information. I have another account @bodypositivememes which literally shows you how to change your diet culture mentality. I run a book club full of books that will literally educate you on how. And I’m just one person in this community. Failing that there are multiple of resources from books to websites to articles to research papers.
When you ask how, you aren’t asking how. You are asking:
“How can I do it without doing any hard work?”
“How can I do it without the pain?”
“How can I do it faster?”
You can’t. The only way out of it, is through.
When people ask “how”, you want me to do the work for you. That’s not how it works.
I love you all but there is no quick fix. Stop looking for one. #ScarredNotScared

Necklace: @theofficialpandora
Dress: @pinkcloveuk