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Stop Ignoring Yourself

July 5, 2018

Do you remember when you were a child and you were trying to be heard but the “adults” were talking and it was almost as if you were invisible?

Being ignored is the worst. It’s why when you are a child and someone gives you the silence treatment, it is so bloody frustrating.

Now think about how your body feels when you ignore your hunger. Imagine your body, your hunger signals were a person. It’s literally a little child screaming “hi, trying to get your attention here”. It’s your body asking for you to address a need it has.

You all know I talk about asking for what you need in relationships and friendships. Your body already knows how to ask for what it needs. It’s you that needs to learn how to listen. Be a mother to your body. You would never ignore your child. You would never ignore a hungry child. #ScarredNotScared