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Am I Always Happy?

July 29, 2018

So I take a lot of smiling and laughing photos right? Does that make you believe I’m always happy? I hope not. Because no one is.

But am I happy in the moment that I take the photo? Yes I am. All my laughs and smiles, are genuine laughs and smiles. I usually pick the photo right before I pose. We all like to divide our happiness into fake and real. Real if it was elicited by a friend or loved one. Fake if it’s for a camera.

But all my happiness is real. All my joy is real. And I don’t seek to categorise it. The biggest misconception with happiness is that it’s a constant state or a goal that someone can attain. No one is happy 100% of the time. The goal is to have more happy moments than sad ones and to NOTICE the happy moments more than the sad.

I had a pretty shit day. And you would’ve seen that I’ve been having quite a few lately. If you measured up my good to bad moment ratio today, it wouldn’t be a great ratio but if I did a ratio for the week, it wouldn’t be so shit. If I did a ratio for the month, it would get even better and if I did it for my life, it would be through the roof.

Today, I had a shit day but in a month, I won’t remember that. I’ll remember the 10 seconds of fun I had today on a merry go round. That’s not a metaphor, I literally went on a merry go round today – my mum’s suggestion to cheer me up! #ScarredNotScared

Just released a YouTube video with my life coach @michellezelli talking more about this: