Things I no longer give a fuck about

August 4, 2018

Things I no longer give a fuck about:
🔥Your opinion of me when I say no
🔥Your opinion of me. Full. Stop.
🔥 My hair being messy
🔥 Being on top of my laundry
🔥 Not being liked by people I don’t respect
🔥 Wearing makeup in order to seem professional
🔥Having to have a reason to let myself rest
🔥 Keeping up with fashion trends
🔥 Your diet
🔥 Ironing
🔥 Wearing heels
🔥 Defining my job title anymore
🔥 Sweat patches in the gym
🔥 Doing life in the “right” order
🔥 Wishing people a happy birthday on FB

Wow that just freed up a lot of energy in my life!

What do you want to chuck in the “fuck it” bucket?