Welcome to the place to get that body confidence you have always desired, and start treating your body with the respect it deserves. I’m Michelle and I’ll be helping you along the way. Too many people accept that hating your body is part of being human, after all, that it is the norm in society. But I promise you, you don't need to live that way! This is your special piece of the internet where I hear you out and walk you through how to bring and end to that battle with your body and start loving your body in a simple no-nonsense kind of way.


Writing Opportunities

Michelle has written for a number of reputable publications such as MTV and GoodToKnow as well as being published in the Metro and Huffington Post frequently.

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Speaking Engagements

Michelle’s reputation as a speaker is built on her vast experience of overcoming adversity and being able to reflect emotionally to allow for novel insights. Her expertise has presented her with numerous opportunities to share her story with audiences worldwide.

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TV and Radio Appearances

Michelle is considered a spokesperson for the body positive community and is available for interviews and commentary on popular topics such as body confidence and mental health. She has appeared on channels including Sky News, Channel 5 News, BBC Radio London, LBC.

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