Michelle’s reputation as a speaker is built on her vast experience of overcoming adversity and being able to reflect emotionally to allow for novel insights. In the past, she has used her expertise as a life coach to deliver talks on issues such as Imposter Syndrome and Boundaries.

She shares her vulnerability and past battle with medical trauma with humour and optimism that makes for a unique talk. Michelle's TedX talk has been viewed over 60,000 times and she has spoken at events like Stylist Live, Summer In The City, Women's Health Live and Leeds Yoga & Wellness Festival, for companies including Hearst, The Body Shop, Hello Magazine, Goldman Sachs, Brit Insurance, Glamour Magazine, LUSH, Cosmopolitan Magazine, and Tresemme as well as charities like Teenage Cancer Trust and Ditch The Label. She has also gone into schools like Lady Eleanor Holles and St Francis Herts to speak to girls on topics including boundaries and female empowerment and been to universities from Oxford University to The University of Surrey to discuss mental health and what we can do to improve our own.

Past Keynotes

Boundaries: Why We Need Them and How To Build Them

Have You Hated Yourself Enough Today?

Self-esteem and Social Media

Scarred Not Scared: My Story of Surgeries, Scars and Survival

The Secret to Beating Imposter Syndrome

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"Having Michelle host our International Women's Day panel at YOTEL was a true delight. She presented our panellists with thought-provoking questions whilst masterfully weaving in her own experiences, both as a woman and a life coach. Her comments on setting boundaries and repackaging female emotion in the workplace were particularly poignant and had everyone in the room nodding in accordance. Michelle's warm and collaborative nature was exactly what we were looking for, we'd love to partner with her again!"
Emma Petty, Yotel, 2023
"Listening to Michelle engage in a conversation on “Adversity & Perseverance”, was thought-provoking and impressive. She took a potentially dry topic and spiced it up through her experiences. Her candid articulate style made the discussion relatable and interesting. This is also true of Michelle’s approach in her remarkable book “Am I Ugly?” where she takes the reader through her life’s journey. She imparts the same energy in her talks and her book, emerging triumphant and leaving the audience inspired"
Rohit Kapoor, Goldman Sachs, 2020
"Michelle shares her story - and discusses the sensitive, emotive issues around it - with eloquence, care and humour. In July 2018 I hosted a panel about body confidence (aligned with Women’s Health’s #InShapeMyShape campaign) and she was a total asset to the discussion. What I particularly liked about having Michelle up there was her tolerance and understanding of people (especially those approaching the conversation from a very different vantage point) not knowing everything - or using the correct terminology. She has that rare balance of qualities that I see as vital for thoughtful discussion: a readiness to challenge people and make the case for her point of view, but the sensitivity and warmth to do so in a collaborative way. I will certainly be calling on Michelle again for speaking arrangements and heartily recommend that you do too."
Roisín Dervish-O’Kane, Commissioning Editor, Women’s Health Magazine, 2018
"For Leeds Yoga & Wellness Festival, I was keen to make the theme ‘Body Positivity’. I was very keen for Michelle to speak about her journey to Body Positivity. I took a leap, and contacted Michelle, and from that point on, I really felt in very safe and capable hands. Michelle was kind, thoughtful, inspirational, creative; keen to have a call before her talk to ensure that the content she prepared would be useful for everyone attending. The talk itself was incredible. Absolutely incredible. Michelle spellbound us all with a compelling and emotive life story. Anyone could take such a run of bad luck and just spend a lifetime feeling sorry for themselves but Michelle has used it to her advantage, to learn about, and practice Body Positivity and inspire others to do the same. I would say, confidently, that Michelle’s talk was life changing for many who were there. I can’t recommend Michelle’s book, or public speaking highly enough. Michelle, we love you."

Holly Mcfee, Leeds Yoga and Wellness Festival , 2018

“Michelle was invited to speak about Battling Body Image and Surviving with Scars at our Find Your Sense of Tumour Weekend for young people who have or had cancer .  Body Image is an important issue for our young people and Michelle provided some fantastic guidance and insights and really resonated with the audience.  We are hoping she will come again!”

Katie Rawlins, Teenage Cancer Trust, 2018

“Michelle was invited to come speak on our panel about Instagram and the Self Love Revolution at one of our Health Blogger Community events. Michelle is a wonderful speaker! She is an incredibly knowledgable woman with a great story. She brought a great energy to our self-love panel and really added value to the topic that was being discussed.”

Fab Giovanetti, Health Blogger Community, 2018


Michelle was invited to speak at our first Feminine Superpowers event on the topic of "Calming Your Inner Rollercoaster". She wowed our audience with her authentic, warm delivery and a story which is worthy of a Hollywood Blockbuster. Her ability to connect and engage with a wide demographic is her SuperPower!"

Michelle Zelli, Feminine Superpowers, 2017

“After following Michelle’s story and listening to her wise words for some time I asked if she would speak at a body positive event called Chachi Live which I was arranging in Edinburgh in May 2017. I am so pleased I did because her talk was excellent. She shared relatable, interesting content in an extremely friendly, yet professional manner. She engaged the audience and I’m not shy to say that I think she changed perspectives and potentially life trajectories of some people in attendance. I can’t wait to work with her again.”

Danni Gordon, Chachi Power Project, 2017

 “Michelle is one of those genuinely lovely people that others are drawn to. I knew nothing of her story at that point just that I wanted to be friends with this woman with a stunning smile. Michelle then delivered her talk and I was deeply moved – her story is one of courage and confidence but also grace and genuine emotion. On many levels, she’s just your average woman and you feel like you can relate with on a personal level. But the more you get to know, her, the more you’ll realise she’s anything but average! She’s a fantastic speaker with a moving story to tell so if you get the chance to hear her or work with her, don’t miss out!”

Lauren Lovett, 2016

“On behalf of Millennium Point, I am writing to thank you for undertaking the Metaprogramme Elicitation for the Executive Team. The team have fed back and have asked me to let you know that they found it to be incredibly insightful and useful. It was good hearing about and talking through the dynamics around the questionnaire and it is something we will be able to build upon and be mindful of moving forward. It was well delivered and very productive for the team.”

Vanessa Currie, Millennium Point, 2015

 “Michelle gave us a really honest and emotional talk about her way of finding happiness and how to be perceived  as a successful person. It was one of the best motivational talk that I have ever heard in this kind of event. The audience was excited and I was really moved when Michelle told us about her illness and then the hard work to become a self-confident and positive-minded girl. If you ever have the chance to hear this story, don’t hesitate! Everyone can find happiness, Michelle will tell you how to do it, because she did it. “

Ewa Galant, 2014